Do you already know what the abbreviation MOOC stands for? It stands for Massive Open Online Course. These are courses shared online freely for everyone who are interested to learn more from a subject. The subjects range from computer science, philosophy to architecture. Many top universities provide courses for free, like Harvard, Stanford and the Technical University of Delft.

Currently I am working through Machine Learning from Andrew Ng of the Stanford University on Coursera. The course have been given many times, I missed the start of the latest run, but even when it ends you can watch the lectures. The duration of the course varies, some are 4 weeks and some are 12 weeks. Machine Learning is a course of 10 weeks and I am now at week 4. The workload is 5-7 hours a week. A week consists of several web lectures from about 10 minutes. I try to make a habit of watching 1-2 while enjoying my breakfast. Checking Facebook I can do that while taking the public transport.

I am enrolled for 2 more courses and keeping a list of courses I want to follow in the future. The list is growing faster than I can check them out. Later on that.

There are more sites providing MOOCs. I will introduce them later and I will begin a page and update it with findings of interesting sites to improve ourselves.

At the moment of writing Coursera has 453 courses from 88 partners and almost 5 million users.

Save the Date: Visual Studio 2012 Virtual Launch!

That’s the title of an e-mail I received from Microsoft yesterday. You can watch the live debut of Visual Studio 2012 on September 12, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. PDT.

And if you Like Visual Studio on Facebook, you will receive a free e-book of 244 pages. It seems there is a post on the Facebook page pointing to, where you can download the e-book.

The contents of the e-book:

Chapter 1: Introducing Visual Studio
Chapter 2: Getting Started with Metro
Chapter 3: Testing in Visual Studio
Chapter 4: Introduction to ALM
Chapter 5: ALM Assessments
Chapter 6: ALM Using TFS
Chapter 7: Windows Azure Platform Overview
Chapter 8: Windows Azure Compute

The “code-name” Metro is still used instead of Windows 8 apps. Guess it is time to uninstall Visual Studio 2011 Beta and download the Express edition.

It is great that Microsoft is releasing more e-books and free tutorials to give us developers and designers a kickstart with new tools and technologies.

14th day in Holland

Have been in Holland, also known as the Netherlands for two weeks. The first day I am back, it really felt strange to be back. What is strange also is, it is so silent. It felt like I am in a village, no sounds of traffice and humans outside, while I am in the largest city of Holland, Amsterdam…

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Class on Sunday

This Sunday we had class. This is due to an extra day of vacation on Thursday. On Thursday it was Dragon Boat Festival (端午节). It was the 5th of May of the Lunar Calendar. On Dragon Boat Festival people eat sticky rice, sometimes there is meat in it, wrapped and tied up bamboo leaves. It looks like a small package and it is boiled in water. I am not a fan of it 😀 At places in China where there is water, they tend to organize competitions with boats, the dragon boats. Continue reading

Sports, 运动,体育

Today I noticed it has been longer than a week I didn’t have updated my blog. The reason has to do with the title of this post. In March I started to follow Master Xie and Master Sun to learn Tai Chi and Shao Lin Kung Fu at BLCU. They told us a month ago we will do some performance. Ok… Continue reading

The 8th week in Beijing / 第八个星期在北京

现在我已经八个星期在北京了。我学了很多生词,大概有500个, 800多个字。我能说多一点汉语了:P 听也不太难。

It is still very hard to write Chinese on a computer, to write those 20ish words, I have to check a dictionary on my laptop since I only know the meaning in Cantonese, Guangdonggua 😛 What I tried to say there is: This is already the 8th week I am in Beijing. I learned a lot of new words (combinations of characters), which is about 800+ characters. I can speak more Chinese and I think listening is not that hard. At least not at my class’ level:P Continue reading